Of all the things I love to create, nothing can compare to music.  Music is my way of expressing my heart.  I hope that you enjoy some of the songs that I have written.

Love Them Big

I wrote this song as a reminder to myself to cherish every day I am given with my children.  

My Mama's Song

This is a song I wrote about the love I recieved from my mother growing up...and how I wish to give my children that same love.

Music to Memorize the Word

I think it is so important to memorize the Bible.  I realized I could memorize passages faster if I set them to music.  So I wanted to share them with you.  I pray it will be a tool that you can use to write the Word of Truth on your heart.

Legacy of Love

My Aunt passed away very suddenly and I was impressed to write this song about the legacy she left behind.  We never know if this day may be our very last, so we should make the most of every opportunity!  She did exactly that.

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