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Hi, I'm Sarah.

10  facts about me:

Fact  no. 1  I love photography.  Guessing that was a given.

Fact no. 2 I am a wife and mom to five incredible kids, one of which I will get to see again in heaven.  Life is wonderfully busy. 

Fact no. 3 I spend most of my days on our little hobby farm.  If I'm not taking pictures of people, I'm taking pictures of animals.  My favorite pet is a turkey named Tank.

Fact  no. 4 I love a good thunderstorm.  If I'm not taking pictures of people or animals, I'm probably taking pictures of the clouds. Ha!

Fact no. 5 When I'm not chasing kids or taking photos I'm probably dabbling in some sort of musically endeavor.  Love me some bluegrass.

Fact no. 6 I'm a Yellow/Blue on the color code. I love to have fun.  I love people. 

Fact no. 7 I love chips and salsa.  Queso.  Guacamole.  Really any kind of dip.

Fact no. 8 I am a beekeeper in training.  We currently have three hives that keep me buzzy.  See what I did there?

Fact no. 9 Sweet tea.  

Fact no. 10 I really love taking photos for families.  There is something really cool about being a curator of memories.  My desire is to create a relaxed atmosphere to capture genuine images from your season of life.

Memories Composed family farm photo
Sarah Bandy of Memories Composed photography Joplin

I'm so glad you're here


I received my first "fancy" camera in High School.  From that first click of the shutter I was sold.  I am ever captivated by the ability to freeze the beauty of a moment.  I kept learning and growing my craft and before I knew it I was married with a tiny baby boy in my arms.  He seemed to change before my eyes and my passion for photography was enhanced by the love for my son.


A desire to help others capture images of their moments was born about the same time.  I'm still learning and loving the ability to pick up my camera.  Life isn't always easy, but I have often found that looking through my lens gives me pause to reflect on the beauty that always exists.  


Why Memories Composed? As I was growing up my Granny told me she wanted to leave me with a lot of memories and boy, she sure did. I'm thankful for the intentional time and effort she put into making memories with me. That desire became my own. Composed is a due to my love for creating which is often connected to my joy of music and songwriting.

Why the bee in my logo?  Well, back when were expecting our 4th baby our kids initials spelled, "BEE."  During a routine 20 week checkup we were told our baby had complications.  I carried our little one to term with the hope that all would be okay.  However he was only with us for nine precious hours.  We named him Silas...and our kids initials spelled BEES.  We didn't name him because of the initials, but it was a sweet blessing made me think of him.  Just like a bee there is sweet and sorrow in our days.  And as I've heard some say, sometimes we don't appreciate the sunshine as much without the rain. I'm thankful for his life and the little bee reminds me of him and just how fleeting this life can be.  It's my mission to live each day to the fullest...and take lots of pictures along the way.

Let's work together!

Sarah Bandy of Memories Composed Photography Joplin
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