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4th and Myrtle: Jenn Atnip

Today I'm sharing a little about a recent session with a lifelong friend... Jennifer Atnip!

Jenn Atnip, 4th and Myrtle

Jenn and I have been friends as long as I can remember. From playing at recess to sleepovers in tents with scary stories (still traumatized by Bloody Mary haha) we go way back. Now we are moms with mini vans navigating life with kids and busy schedules. I'm truly thankful for friendships in this crazy season of life.

A while back she had the idea to start a blog. I know her heart for people and hospitality so this was a no brainer for me. I'm so thankful she has stepped out (man, it's not easy to put yourself out there!) and is sharing some of her heart and also a lot of helpful tips from recipes to just every day real life stuff. If you have never had her cooking you are missing out! She brought me a meal once that I still think about!!! She is also in the process of building an amazing house and her eye for design is really inspiring.

We did some shots for her blog and I had a BLAST chatting and taking these photos. . We share a lot of life having chickens and taking care of our gardens and keeping our kids alive. I'm sure you will relate to so much as well! Make sure and check out her blog, and follow along on her instagram.

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I love how you captured Jennifer's LIFE in your photos and blog. 😊

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