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Fall Apple TV Slideshow

Let's be honest. We live in a photo saturated society. I am borderline embarrassed to tell you how many photos I have on my phone. On the one hand I LOVE being able to have my photo library literally at my fingertips. On the other hand it's easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of photos we have access to today.

I'm constantly on a quest to figure out creative ways to use our family photos. I discovered something a while back that allows me to have an ever changing "canvas" on the walls to speak. Enter, the Apple TV slideshow. I want to show you how to use Apple TV to turn your TV into a slideshow for your fall photos. In some ways it's better than a canvas because it uses so many more images. And it's a simple way to add a little cozy to your Autumn! Even if you don't own an Apple TV, this is one great way to start organizing your photos!!

Step #1 - Go to photos and set up an album on your phone or computer called "Fall"

Open photos (this is on my laptop but you can open the photo app on your phone).

On my computer I created a folder called "seasons." Within the seasons folder are my favorite images broken down by the time of the year.

Or you can see the same thing here on my phone.

Step #2 - Select your favorites and add to that album

This is the fun part. I apologize if this sends you down the rabbit hole of old photos. Don't you love looking back and remembering all the things? My fall album includes all the usual suspects, annual halloween costumes, the big leaf pile at my parent's house, pumpkin patch fun... I love the fall.

You can see where I have added those photos to this album. You can also catch a glimpse of some of my other folders.

Here's how I do it on the iPhone. When in "all photo" view...

Select a photo and click this button...

Then add to the album you created.

Step #3 - Head to your Apple TV

Click on settings.

Select general.

And then screensaver.

Under Screensaver click "my photos."

Step #4 - Select the "Fall" Album and to set slideshow

Scroll through the albums until you see yours and select. Done! Well, actually now you sit back and stare at your beautiful images as they change on the screen.

Step #5 - Sit back and enjoy your beautiful images

So that's how I use my Apple TV to enjoy more of our family photos. It's a simple way to add some fall charm to your house this season. I love getting some music playing (Apple TV can do that too) and then enjoying the photos up on my tv. It's the modern day canvas! And if you don't have an Apple TV, maybe it's something that you can add to your Chrimstas list! We sure enjoy ours. Happy Friday!

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That's great! I've been using Apple TV Screensavers for years and I LOVE IT! However you need to add a warning - It's Addicting! I can sit there for ...well, let's just say A LONG TIME just watching, remembering and counting my blessings. Thanks for the tutorial.

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