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My Memories Composed: Dooney and Burke

Back in the spring we added a few new friends to our chicken coop. Today I'm thought it would be fun to talk about some of the latest editions....our pekin ducks. These little guys were so adorable. Seriously, if you have never had ducklings, you are missing out. The only downside to ducklings is they are MESSY. They love to play in their water which means their space gets dirty really, really fast. But boy, they are cute.

I love the different personalities of my little flock and ducks do not disappoint. We have raised quick a few from the duckling stage. I hope that one day my kids have fond memories of their our coop and their feathered friends.

Without further ado... our two Pekin ducks, Dooney and Bourke.

Aren't they adorable?

Ducks grow amazingly fast so it wasn't long before they were looking like this....

Hey there teenage duckies! They had just taken a dip in their pond (aka a baby pool) hence the wet feathers. They still had a lot of down here but their adult feathers were starting to grow.

One day my daughter was out watching them take a swim in the little baby pool and I had the thought to snap a photo of them. Her love of animals makes me feel like I'm living my very own "Charlotte's Web." It dawned on me how quickly they were ALL growing. Life seems to clip by at an ever increasing pace.

My "Charolette" and her little duckies.

Finally a little photo of old Dooney and Bourke today...

Okay, that is definitely not the Dooney and Bourke.

This is one of our geese who was obviously desperate to get in the shot. And if this image had sound you would be blasted by constant honking.

I was cracking up because the whole time I was trying to take this picture I was being bombarded by our nosey, noisy geese. See that orange blur in the corner? That's another one right in my face. The geese are always in everyone's business.

Ah. There they are. Look at that cute little tail curl.

Haha. They are big ole guys. I love having them around. Their quacking and waddles make me smile and I hope a few pictures of them today made you smile, too!

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1 Comment

It did make me smile! You captured so much in these photos - even a little glimpse of passing on your love -to the next generation.

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