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Memories Composed

I'm sitting here at my computer trying to figure out how we have made it to the fall of 2022. It sure feels like the days are moving a bit faster and don't ask me about the years. I could blink and be back on the first day of autumn, 2010. That was the day everything changed in my little world. After nine months of waiting and wondering we heard his cry and met our son. His entrance did something to my heart that I didn't know was possible as it seemed to grow exponentially in an instant. I was in awe. I was amazed. I was filled with every emotion that I could possibly name. Oh, and I was tired. Really tired.

My schedule was immediately commandeered by a tiny 8 lb baby boy. Everyone said, "Enjoy it. It goes so quickly." At the time I knew they were right, but nothing felt that way. 12 years later I'm standing eye to eye with my not so little baby, and I know it won't be long before I'm tilting my head up a bit while he chatters on about coding and computers and all that stuff.

I will never be one to brag about my memory. In fact, I would be the first to say, it stinks. Maybe that's why I love photographs so much. I see the image and am transported back to a different season, a different time. The undesirable emotions often softened and overshadowed by a warmth in remembering the blessings of that time of life. I remember things that have long left the forefront of my mind and my perspective of the future is often re-energized as I realize how quickly time ticks along.

When he was born my love for photography grew. I felt this need to document the things I knew would one day be forgotten. The tiny parts of our day that seemed insignificant, but to me were truly beautiful. There was hardly a thing that didn't seem momentous enough for a shot. Those first bites of peas? Click. His first solo ride on the bike? Click. That first photograph of his new smile minus his two front teeth? Yes. Those are the images that I truly treasure now.

When he was a few months old I starting experimenting by taking portrait style images of him (see above for the throwback). I had the thought that maybe there might be others who might want a photographer to capture special moments for their family. Before I knew it I had my first clients. It's been almost 11 years since those days. So as we find ourselves on the verge of another autumn season, I'm thankful for the many who have trusted me to snap a few shots for their loved ones. I'm excited for the coming fall season. Check back soon to see the mini session schedule for this year!!!


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